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ICE! at Gaylord Hotels™ is a popular holiday attraction that offers a unique and immersive experience for visitors. It is an annual event hosted at several Gaylord Hotels™ locations across the United States. As the Director of Special Event Production & Logistics for the Gaylord Brand, I was tasked with coordinating all aspects of the ICE! events, across the six (6) Gaylord Hotels™ properties within the United States. From Concept to Carving, I handled the planning, Pre-Production, Technology, and Innovation aspects of the ICE! event, in partnership with the incredibly talented Directors of Special Events at each property. 

ICE! features incredible ice sculptures that are meticulously carved by a team of skilled artisans from around the world. These sculptures are crafted from massive blocks of ice and are beautifully illuminated to create a breathtaking display. The sculptures often depict various holiday themes, such as winter wonderlands, Christmas stories, and beloved characters.

Visitors to ICE! can explore a walk-through exhibit where they can marvel at the intricate ice sculptures up close. The temperature inside the exhibit is kept below freezing to ensure the sculptures remain solid and intact. To stay warm, guests are provided with special parkas to wear during their visit.

In addition to the main ICE! exhibit, there are often other attractions and activities available to enhance the experience. These may include ice slides, ice tubing, ice skating, and holiday-themed shows. Each Gaylord Hotel™ that hosts ICE! also creates its own unique offerings and decorations to add to the festive ambiance.

ICE! at Gaylord Hotels™ is known for its attention to detail and the artistry displayed in the ice sculptures. It has become a beloved holiday tradition for many families and offers a magical and memorable experience for visitors of all ages.

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