Halloween Horror Nights: Cursed Alliance

Universal Destinations & Experiences™ / Coca-Cola®
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  • Client: Universal Destinations & Experiences™ / Coca-Cola®

My fifth year of building the Halloween Horror Nights™ Mobile Game celebrated the iconic characters of the Universal Monsters™.  The app web-framework was packed into both the Universal Studios Florida™ and Universal Studios Hollywood™ mobile apps so guests could play at home and in-park. Using Web3 visitors who scanned their specialty-marked Coca-Cola® could also turn themselves into a Universal Monster™ using webAR toolkits. The nightmares would follow you home… 

This year, inspired by Coca-Cola®, we infused the return of Halloween Horror Nights™ TERROR Trivia , and introduced an all-new Universal Monsters: Cursed Alliance Augmented Reality (AR) “Crowd” game. Running in parallel with the Universal Monsters haunted house, guests were tasked with teaming up with their favorite Universal Monster (The Wolf Man, Dracula or The Mummy) to fight The Curse, and win their team objective. 

  • The Mummy - Tucked away in the hills of the Jackal, the High Priest of Anubis has placed the amulet of Amun-Ra within the chest of the mummified corpse of Kharis. This ancient being is now tasked with defending the temple and protecting the amulet. The power of the amulet also can reanimate other mummified creatures to assist Kharis in protecting the amulet - at all costs.
    • Team Objective: Protect the Amulet of Amun-Ra.
  • The Wolf Man - Larry Talbot was bitten by a werewolf and cursed to transform into the beast every full moon. When in the grasp of the curse, Talbot maulsboth strangers and loved ones. During the days, before the full moon appears, he scours the globe for a cure to his curse. Recently, a mysterious benefactor has alerted to a sun god's amulet with the power to lift the curse of the moon.
    • Team Objective: Use the Amulet to break the werewolf's curse.
  • Dracula - The centuries-old vampire aristocrat, Count Dracula has been searching for a way to conquer his greatest enemy: the sun. News of a powerful amulet reaches Dracula's castle. Could this amulet give the vampire the ability to become a Daywalker? Dracula books passage on a ship and hides in a coffin below deck for the voyage to the amulet's location. A vampire who can conquer the daylight can rule the world.
    • Team Objective: Steal the Amulet to become a day walker.

This ‘crowdsource’ custom game allowed any in-park guests to pledge their alliance to one of the three monsters, and join their team to locate AR markers around the park, get points, life power-ups, and play mini-games to earn points for themselves AND their team. A winning monster would be announced each night at park close. 

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